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Anaconda Gentoo installer

Anaconda is a an installer system developed by Fedora, written in C and Python. The Gentoo port is based on the Sabayon port of Anaconda.

Installation instruction

The installation instructions are available from the Git repo. Follow these instructions are valid if you're installing the installer on the LiveDVD while it is running. It might be a good idea to remount the ramdisk with a bigger size, just run sudo mount /mnt/dynamic -o remount,size=2G (or whatever size you want, 1G should be more than enough).

Known issues

  • Anaconda fails to configure saying that libcheckisomd5 is unusable. Simply run linux32 emerge -1 isomd5sum, it should fix the problem.
  • liveinst fails to run at all. Run emerge parted pyparted and liveinst should now work.

Creating custom LiveDVD with Anaconda

Installing Anaconda permanently on the DVD means it's not lost across reboots and you don't need as much memory, but you will need roughly 7 GB of spare storage space. You will need to emerge squashfs-tools.

  1. Mount the ISO image somewhere
  2. Mount image.squashfs from the ISO
  3. Copy the contents of the image to a folder with rw access
  4. linux32 chroot into said folder
  5. Follow the installation instructions as if you were installing on a running LiveDVD
  6. Exit the chroot and use mksquashfs to build a new image
  7. Replace the squashfs image on the LiveDVD with your own. I use isomaster but you can use any tool that can modify ISO images.

Your new DVD image is now ready, give it a spin and enjoy! ;-)

Accessing the source code and documentation

git clone git:// :-) You can browse the source tree using gitweb at the Git repo. More documentation is available in the docs/ folder of the source tree.


Updated August 22, 2011

Summary: Anaconda is a Gentoo installer

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